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The importance of a certified public accountant (CPA) for companies

The phrase that every company, no matter if is large or small, requires a certified public accountant is widely known, but beyond compliance with the law, it is because the accountant is essential for the results of a business. Small companies in Bogota Colombia search for the services of a CPA, usually for filing tax forms, a very different perception occurs in large and medium-sized companies, for them obtaining strategic information and identifying problems in their operations is essential, these businesses are using the information to transform the company searching for the increase in value, these different points of view make a huge difference in company results and probably a cause of the high rate of failure viewing in the small business that is created in Bogota Colombia.

It is evident that receiving advice by CPA in companies located in Bogota Colombia is transcendental, managers and entrepreneurs consult their accounting advisor not only to know the result of their management but also when they want to know the possible impacts of their decisions in different areas, it makes an accountant a professional highly valued for business, characteristics such us multidisciplinary and the capacity of integrating as well as interpreting, the changes that may occur in the set of decisions made by the administration, provided high value for the company by summarizing them quantitatively and qualitatively. The capabilities of the CPA added to the experience in his services, have given him an ability to pay attention to every detail, in which he has excelled in positions of internal control in large companies in Colombia and by becoming support when establishing responsibilities to positions of the company during the structuring of its processes.

Reports differents from the traditional financial reports has become mandatory when it comes to evaluating through management indicators or KPIs, these apply to the different activities carried out in the company, they allow to control and monitor the productivity of areas in a company, firms and independent CPA have been including them in the services provided by accountants for SMEs, business knowledge becomes a fundamental part when differentiating themselves and generating added value to their services, as has been said His multidisciplinary training has allowed him to provide advice on different related areas, allowing small companies to grow hand in hand with professionals that only large companies can afford.

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