Accounting Services

Our accounting firm offers to your company the accounting outsourcing services by professionals Accountants, so you can obtain the benefits of outsourcing your department, with the same quality assurance that gives the full-time Accountant.

One of the great benefits for your company when contracting with our accounting firm is the opportunity to have bilingual professionals, with experience in the largest companies in Colombia, obtaining the highest quality advice for your medium or small company, but at only a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time professional.

We will also be in charge of making an adequate diagnosis of your company and we will suggest the implementation of processes that guarantee the control, security, and synchrony of your operations with our consultancy, an Accountant will be assigned to you to feel accompanied by our firm and you will have the necessary feedback so that your company does not stop growing.

What outsourced accounting services you can hire

Taxation Advisory

Fulfilling tax obligations on time is not only synonymous with peace of mind by avoiding penalties, but the advice from our accountant also allows you to obtain tax efficiency for your company, which implies the development of methodically scheduled tasks, ensuring information and timely reporting your tax due dates  is a commitment of our outsourced service.

Count on the support in the presentation of the declarations of the tax returns, such as the declaration of income tax, value-added tax (VAT), declaration of withholding tax, with each of the respective supports, and obligations of the municipal or district (Bogotá) taxes as the industry and commerce tax (ICA). If the sector in which your company operates is obliged to submit a specific contribution or tax, it will also be included in your personalized tax calendar.
Accounting Services in Bogota Colombia

Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Outsourcing
The correct application of the labor laws of Colombia minimizes risks and complications of a legal obligation, that is why appropriate management of your payroll allows you to comply with the obligations established in Colombia for labor contract, we advise you with the correct application of flexible compensation schemes to maintain your motivated employees without incurring high costs, with our service we will take care of processes, which can be overwhelming, guaranteeing maximum confidentiality of information.

Do not worry about the liquidation and registration of payroll, the calculation of social benefits, vacations, settlements, licenses, disabilities, contributions to social security, issuance of certificates, declaration of income, and withholdings for the worker, count on our support in meeting requirements of the UGPP.
Access to relevant information and in a timely manner can represent the success or failure in taking the appropriate actions for your business growing, that's why on a regularly established basis, you will receive your Financial Statements packet, the reconciliation of your bank accounts, and reports of customer and supplier accounts, also if your need goes further, you can arrange personalized reports, such as for the parent company in case of being a foreign company that invests in Colombia, you will also need accountants with experience in the conversion of Financial Statements to other currencies and if your investments are part of your growth, the Consolidated Financial Statements reports will give you a better understanding of the entire operation in its different business lines, also have the mandatory information required by the control entities (DANE , Superintendence´s, and others).

Bookkeeping Services

The proper bookkeeping classification of transactions made by companies is the starting point to ensure the quality of the information, which ultimately reflects the economic reality in which your company is located, our highly trained staff has experience in different sectors to carry out the work of classification and registration of costs, expenses, income, calculation of depreciation, provisions, recognition of fixed assets, inventory adjustments, adjustment to exchange currencies.
The accounting and tax services are part of your work teamwork, for this reason, it is vitally important to hire advisers committed to their growth, at J&D Accountants we are proud that companies grow with our support because we grow with them.