Accounting and taxation services
Financial Services in Bogota
Company formation in Colombia
Accounting and Taxation Advisory

With our advice you can have the professional accounting support that fits your budget.

Financial Advisory

You must know your cash needs in advance, get our professional advice, and you will spend your time in what you know to do best.

Company Formation

If you require support in how setting-up your company in Colombia, our team guide you in understanding the local rules and help you to complete the company formation process.

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About Us
CPA accountants in Bogota Colombia

We are an accounting firm based in Bogota, our partners specialized in Tax, Finance and, International Accounting, we count with experts in the legal areas such as Labor, Commercial, and Investment Law, our experience in the largest companies in Colombia, allowed us to partner to giving consulting of the highest standards of quality to our clients.

Our accounting firm provides bilingual staff to support our users who need reporting in the English language and comprehensive application of the local rules to investors in which the principal office is based outside Colombia, the firm offers a completely hassle-free solution on timely delivery service.

Accounting and Tax Advisory


Accounting Advisory

We are Accountants with wide experience in the largest companies in Bogotá and Colombia, so you can be sure to get the highest quality services, for your medium or small company, but only by a cost fraction of hiring a full-time Accountant.

We will carry out an adequate diagnosis to your company and suggest the implementation of a process that guarantee the control, security, and synchrony of your operations with our advisory services, besides you will have the necessary feedback in order to ensure your company does not stop growing.


Tax Advice Services

Taxes are always a complex area and even more in Colombia, but we are trained for this, our assigned accountant will be in charge of making a complete analysis of your tax company responsibilities in order to maintain greater tax efficiency, the accountant will inform you in a timely manner all of your obligations and due time for each tax obligation.

Count with our support presenting tax obligations returns. If the sector in which your company operates is obliged to submit a specific tax or contribution, it will also be included in your personalized tax calendar.


Financial Advice

Having a financial consultant to define action plans, mitigate risks and define growth strategies is usual for large companies, and the base in their goal of expansion, with our advisers we want it to be possible for small and medium-sized companies as well.

Our consultant adviser helps you with the tools to control your operation through budgets and indicators. You must know your cash and investment needs in advance, mitigate the risks associated with your operation, and know the possible impact on unforeseen events through a financial model of your business.

Legal and Due Diligence Services

Company Formation

If you have a business idea, now you need to think about the formation of a company, for this, it is necessary to carry out the necessary procedures to incorporate it and fulfill the legal requirements.

Verifying the availability of the name, analyzing the best corporate figure, registering with the respective chamber of commerce, are some of the initial processes that you must consider to formalize through the different entities to incorporate a company in Colombia.


Foreign Investment

Our professionals have extensive knowledge of local laws, facilitating a great understanding of operating in the Colombian market, our due diligence service covers the main areas to incorporate a branch  or a local permanent establishment.

Colombia has several agreements to avoid double taxation, regulations for legal representation of a company, specific labor and tax regulations, require an adequate process of company formation.


Mergers and Splits

The economic environment is very changeable, which leads to a need to adapt to the situation that guarantees the interests of partners or shareholders, many reasons lead companies to consider merging one or more companies, basically, in search of synergies that allow unifying resources, capacities, decrease costs and better cover the operating market.

Our professionals will provide you with advice that covers legal, tax, labor, financial and regulatory aspects.